Potter Children’s Home

Potter Children’s Home (www.potterministries.org) is a comprehensive child and family organization that has been providing services to the most vulnerable children and families in Bowling Green for 100 years and counting. They focus on ending the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect through our residential and community programs. They are building strong families, and giving children hope for a better tomorrow.

In 1901, Clinton and Mary Potter opened the doors of Potter Bible College in memory of their son, Eldon. In 1914, the Potters met with the trustees and established Potter Orphan Home and School on the grounds of the Bible College. Immediately upon its establishment, 12 orphans who were being cared for by a church in Louisville, Kentucky were transferred to Potter. Thus, the legacy of providing a loving, Christian home to numerous children began.

Though no longer called Potter Orphan Home and School, children are cared for today on the very same property. Through the years, the facilities and the child care programs have changed, but one thing remains the same. Potter is still providing a Christian home to children in need.

Following a series of devastating fires in the early 1940s, a large dormitory building was built in 1945. This "main building" housed orphaned children until the mid 1960s when it became clear a more home-like environment was needed. Since then, children in our residential program have been cared for in "cottages" by loving house parents in a more family-oriented setting. The main dormitory building has been converted into apartments for the families in our single parent ministry, as well as offices for Christian counseling, foster care, and adoption.

Potter Children’s Home offers many different services, including On Campus Foster Care and Extended Care, which assists foster children who have turned 18 in completing a high school diploma and receiving help with job placement. Potter Children’s Home is solely reliant on donations to assist children. They are a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible in compliance with IRS Publication 526.

There are several ways conference attendees can help!

  • Donations: We are looking for donations/baskets from schools for the silent auction. Additionally, we are also encouraging smaller item donations from schools or individuals that can be used as raffle giveaways.
  • Cash: We encourage you to bring cash to participate in the silent auction and raffle!
  • Visit the website: Visit the website at http://www.potterministries.org/support-us.html for information on other ways to help! Gifts of Love and Hands of Service are two of the main donor progams. A Gift of Love is just that – a one-time gift in any amount given because one cares about children and families. Hands of Service is a commitment to the children, to help fund their daily needs, and offers partners an opportunity to assist children on a regular basis.