President's Welcome

"Every Adventure Requires a First Step"
Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland

Travel down the KASFAA rabbit hole to a place that may only make sense to our financial aid family. We have a week full of training opportunities including sessions on Professional Judgments, Consortiums and Written agreements, COA’s and so much more.

We will be kicking off our first ever virtual conference with a Mad Hatter Tea party on Oct. 1st in hopes that we don’t completely lose the fun side of our biannual gatherings. Plan on joining with a crazy hat and let’s catch up after our long break from each other…let’s not talk financial aid during this hour but rather have a time where we can all be mad together.

Our sponsors will be visible throughout the week but will also be offering Business Solution seminars in the week prior and the week following so please consider visiting their virtual offerings to see what they have to help in our offices with our daily needs.

Check out the agenda and plan your week and let’s go on this adventure together...