Governing Tenants

Our Mission

The Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, Inc. was founded in order to establish a community of members, who through the sharing of ideas, professional competencies, and experiences would serve more ethically and effectively the diverse needs of students, parents, and institutions. The present and future existence of the Association continues to be based on this founding principle.

To facilitate this mission, the Association pledges to support professional activities and communications in all areas concerned with the administration of student educational financing programs. The Association is committed to developing future leaders by actively involving its membership. To accomplish the goals set forth by the Association in a dynamic environment, the Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, Inc. offers personal and professional development opportunities and embraces sound principles and practices of aid administration.

Our Vision

The Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, Inc. is a dynamic organization serving practitioners, users, and providers of student financial aid programs. This effort occurs in an environment of mutual respect and support which encourages questions, discussion, and the shaping of ideas — thus promoting opportunities, equity, and access in and to higher education.

Our Shared Diversity

KASFAA highly values diversity, equality, and inclusion in our organization. We hold ourselves accountable to these values through fostering an integrated community, and recognizing that each member of our organization brings their own unique perspectives, strengths, and critical inquiries to serve our mission. We will continuously evaluate our commitment to diversity through conscious engagement within the communities we serve, and will promote a culture of diversity and inclusion by encouraging involvement and access regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, professional level or institution type.