Executive Board of Directors

President | Michelle Standridge | Spalding University
Vice President of Training | Stephany Blaney | Berea College
President-Elect | Robyn Sollberger | Campbellsville University
Immediate Past-President | Mark Messingschlager | Thomas More University
Secretary | Lindsay Driskell | Jefferson Community and Technical College
Treasurer | Michael Birchett | University of Kentucky
Four-Year Public Sector | Beth Mekus | University of Kentucky
Two-Year Public Sector | Christina Bowen | Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Private Sector | Audrey Price | Lindsey Wilson College
Proprietary Sector | Hazel Baker | Galen College
Non-School Sector | Chansone Durden | Earnest

Committee Chairs

Archivist, Laura Keown
Articles and Bylaws, Lindsay Driskell
Association Governance and Planning, Rhonda Bryant
Awards Monique, Shaw
Budget and Finance, Daniel Donner
Communications/Outreach, Danielle Robbins
Conference (Fall), Dawn Graviss
Conference Co-Chair(Spring), Casi Benedict
Conference Co-Chair(Spring), Cathy Hart
Diversity Concerns, Monique Shaw
Electronic Services, Sarah Cowan
Government Relations, Kevin Lamb
Membership, Bob Fultz
Nominations, Mark Messingschlager
Outreach, Casi Benedict
Site Selection, Chester Priest
Technology, Beth Mitchell
Vendor/Sponsor Co-Chair, April Tretter
Vendor/Sponsor Co-Chair, Matt Lehmann
Website, Jason Tretter