Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed financial aid administrators, and circus enthusiasts,

Welcome to the most extraordinary event of the year – the 2023 KASFAA Fall Conference “Come One Come All”, where FAFSA meets fun under the Big Top! We are thrilled to roll out the red carpet and invite you to join us for a three-ring extravaganza like no other.

🎪 The Greatest Show on Earth! 🎪

Underneath the dazzling lights and vibrant circus tents, prepare to be amazed as we navigate the complex world of financial aid with the finesse of a tightrope walker. Just like skilled acrobats, you are the masters of balance, ensuring that students soar high on their educational journeys.

🎟️ Unveiling the Acts of Financial Aid Wizardry! 🎟️

Our conference program promises a series of captivating performances (sessions) including Special Guests Leigh Ann Hussey, SASFAA President Elect and Kentucky Past-President/SASFAA VP Katie Conrad.  We have several General Sessions that will leave you on the edge of your seats including one with KHEAA and NCAN with captivating information on FAFSA Simplification. We are welcoming back Kelly Ruff to talk about Challenging families and bringing in Kaleb Cornett from the Kentucky State Approving Agency for Veterans Education.  So, be ready to cover topics from juggling R2T4’s to taming the verification lion, our speakers will reveal their secrets to managing the financial aid circus with finesse and flair. 

🤹 Networking Under the Big Top! 🤹

While our sessions promise enlightening insights, the real magic happens in our vendors area. Connect with your fellow vendor wizards, swap stories, and share tricks of the trade. Who knows what astonishing collaborations might emerge when professionals like you gather in one grand circus arena?

🎉 Carnival of Knowledge and Merriment! 🎉

But that’s not all – prepare for an unforgettable evening out, where you’ll experience a fusion of financial aid, comradery and festivity. With the return of KASFAA on the town, and be ready to mingle, dine, and delight in the company of fellow financial aid maestros at local restaurants as we do dinner out on Wednesday.

🎈 Join the Financial Aid Circus! 🎈

So, grab your popcorn, don your best Circus top hat, and get ready to be swept off your feet at the KASFAA Fall Conference 2023 – a spectacle that combines financial aid wisdom with the enchantment of the circus.

Thank you for stepping into our grand tent of learning and laughter. Together, let’s make this conference a showstopper that would make even the greatest ringmaster proud!

Come One, Come All! The show is about to begin!

Michelle Standridge

KASFAA President 2023-2024

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Committee Members

  • Dawn Graviss (Committee Chair)
  • Amy Smith
  • April Tretter
  • Beth Mekus
  • Bob Fultz
  • Casi Benedict
  • Cathy Hart
  • Chester Priest
  • Daniel Donner
  • Leiandra Lee
  • Mark Messingschlager
  • Matt Lehmann
  • Michael Birchett
  • Michelle Standridge
  • Monique Shaw
  • Rhonda Bryant
  • Robyn Sollberger
  • Sharon Bolt